Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to bring anything to my treatment ?2019-02-26T17:26:55+01:00

You just have to bring your time. Everything else you will get from us. And hopefully you will leave us with a smile.

Does 3sarana Massage hurt?2019-02-26T17:21:41+01:00

Our therapists may use quite deep pressure during the treatment. However, our treatment should be relaxing and instill a sense of wellbeing very quickly. If you are experiencing any discomfort please notify our therapist immediately.

What is so special about 3Sarana ?2020-03-10T19:24:07+01:00

3Sarana was founded by Thai Massage expert to offer tailor made relaxation for everyone.

Our massage programs are optimized for everyone and a perfect addition to Yoga-Training, Aerobic and all kinds of Workouts. In addition, we explicitly welcome small children.

Is a reservation necessary?2019-02-26T17:23:13+01:00

In order to provide you with the best service possible we recommend a reservation under

WhatsApp 0664 9122455 , via our Reservation App or our website.

What happens if I come too late to my appointment ?2020-03-11T13:14:20+01:00

We try our best to find flexible solutions in case of our customers missing the appointment. However, there might be constraints to full schedule or other reasons.

Which cancellation conditions apply?2020-03-10T12:23:13+01:00

We kindly ask you to cancel reservations 24 hours before the appointment time. Otherwise we have to ask for a No-Show fee. Of course, there are exceptions in case of sickness or emergency. However, we also would ask you to notify us by phone in such urgent cases as soon as it is possible.

Do I have to report any health issues to the therapist ?2020-03-10T12:16:33+01:00

We ask you to report any serious medical conditions, pain or injuries to our therapist prior to massage. Please also note our General Terms of Contract for details what types of health conditions prohibit massage. (Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen) (LINK auf „AGB“)

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