3SARANA Authentic Thai Massage & Wellness

We do this by providing a warm, comfortable and cozy place for everyone in Vienna. Come and join us to relax and to feel comfortable.

3Sarana is committed to

  • Integrity
  • Integrity
  • Convenience
  • relaxation

We aim to provide our customers with the best relaxation and wellness while ensuring top quality, safety and reliability.

Our 3Sarana Team

Our 3Sarana therapists are all seasoned and fully licensed masseurs who receive a special training in 3Sarana Massage techniques. Thus we are able to ensure the highest quality and service for our clients.

The people behind 3Sarana…

Oui : Receptionist 

After 8 years of gaining the experiences in hospitality field in Bangkok , my fate finally brought me to Vienna and to join 3Sarana. I am happy to be a part of  a team where I can continue my profession in the field that I am good at and love. Moreover I´m glad that I´m be able to take good care of the people in Vienna who love Thai authentic massage experience, and be able to share the stories of Thailand with them. In return I can also learn new cultures. I´d give my best to service everyone, thus they can get the best experience beyond their expectation.

Tata : Receptionist 

After working for 3 years as a receptionist and admin for a company in Bangkok, I got the opportunity to start a new part of my life here in Vienna. Although I am not a therapist, I am very happy that I can help our clients. I am very happy to be a part of the 3Sarana Team. It is important for me that clients are satisfied and relaxed after our massages. It is also a great opportunity for me to get to know a new culture through my work and to improve my German. I always try to give my best for our customers, as my motto: ” To be successful, you have to give everything!

Bow: Therapist

I love being in Austria because the people are very attentive to nature. I love animals and nature. I always try make my customers happy. Massage should bring joy and be a blessing for body, mind and soul. I can give all this to the people at 3Sarana and laughing at work is also very important to me.

Rung : Therapist and Founder

I have a son that I would love to spend time with but at the same time I would love to keep my career and earn some money to improve the economy in our family. It is a kind of art to merge those three issues. I believe that many people coming from abroad to Austria meet the same problem. I spent some years doing research and developing the 3SARANA Authentic Thai Massage & Wellness with Thai experts. In Austria I founded 3SARANA to support Austrians, simultaneously giving foreigners in Austria possibility to contribute to Austrian society.

Kesorn: Therapist

I had the opportunity to stay in Vienna many years ago and I am very happy to live in this beautiful city.  It makes me happy to bring traditional Thai massage closer to my clients and to see that clients are naturally happier and healthier without having to rely on chemical medications.  I am very happy about this great job, which I am very proud of.

Preaw : Therapist

I come originally from tourism industry and worked in hotel management. However, this did not suit well with my family situation. I need to take good care of my two lovely daughters and household. Once I joined 3Sarana my problems have been solved as the flexible schedule working table allows me to be able to work in the field I love and I am good at in. At the same time I can take good care of my family.