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We, 3Sarana team aim to provide our customers with the best relaxation and wellness while ensuring top quality, safety and reliability. Whether you would like to enjoy our massages and relax, or simply share about Asian lifestyle over a cup of organic tea after massage – you are always welcome at 3Sarana!

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The therapists at 3Sarana

Our therapists are masseuses licensed under Austrian law who receive a special additional training for traditional Thai massage in 3Sarana Massage techniques. Since we attach great importance to the adherence to our standards, we guarantee the highest quality and best service for our customers. We always try to respond to their concerns and take the necessary time to offer the best Thai Massage in Vienna.

Our Team

Franka : Receptionist 

Because I find it very fullfilling to work with other people I am glad  that I have an employment in the social sector. I also am very interested and fascinated by the asian culture. At 3Sarana I am learning a lot about various healing practices, traditions and the asian way of living. It is a great pleasure to me to be part of the team.

Languages: German and English

Jariya : Therapist

Jariya has 15 years of massage experience and founded her own Thai massage studio in Bangkok after completing several courses in traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho Medical School, Bangkok and the Traditional Medicine Association of Thailand. After moving to Europe, she still has a passion to help people with different pains. Therefore, she worked as a massage therapist at Wabi Hotel in Hungary for 4 years and also in Vienna for a few years. She is able to use many massage techniques and can therefore adapt to all clients.

Chen : Therapist

Chen is a generous and caring person who is interested in learning about new cultures and people. Massage is also one of her interests, so she learned and practiced a lot until she became a professional therapist. For the past 10 years, she has been able to help people with her different massage skills and techniques, by customising to the clients’ needs.

Latsamy : Therapist

My Name is Latsamy, after I graduated from masssaging school in Thailand I moved to Vienna. I am working here since 6 years now. I love my job because it makes me happy to help people by reduce their phisical pain and I also want to help my costumers to be able to relax. My goal is that every costumer leaves after a session more relaxed an with a happy feeling.

Ratna: Therapist

Ratna is happy to take care of other people, that’s why she loves her profession as a massage therapist. She has been using her expert knowledge of massage to help clients with pain for many years already. Do not hesitate to let her know in which parts you have problems or pain She is always ready to treat you according to her wishes.

Minti Therapeutin

Minty : Therapist

Minti is interested in sports, health and of course massage. She worked as a massage therapist since 1992. Through this she has gained a lot of massage experience, so you can be sure of her treatment. She decided to join the 3Sarana team to help other people who have muscle pain and musculoskeletal problems. Because she is a caring person and a good listener, you can allow her to know your massage wishes and she could give you a customized treatment with care.

Rung : Therapist

She is a very hardworking and understanding woman. She has lived and worked in many countries, including many years in Sweden. She studied and trained traditional massage at Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School in Thailand. For many years she has also been intensively engaged in traditional Thai massage. Massage is the thing that she is passionate about, because it makes her happy when she can help people from pain. She is ready to help you with her massage techniques and is also happy to pass on all massage tips that are useful for your health. Just let her know where you have tension or pain.

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